Thursday, October 31, 2013

Deal Breaker

Deal Breaker: The last straw with Jaak's roommate.

Just to set the record straight, this strip is not a commentary on my opinions of Pokémon. It's a commentary on Jaak's opinions of Pokémon. I LOVE Pokémon. When I got Pokémon Diamond for the Nintendo DS several years ago, I was useless for two weeks while I proceeded to catch every single pokémon in that game and do all the side quests and mini-games and beat the bosses and finish the game with flying colors etc. I had a blue pocket folder full of notes and charts and pictures and lists and internet printouts to guide me through the temple of awesomeness that is Pokémon. I like the show - I like the games - I like the concept. If I knew how to program video games better (I have only dabbled in this) I would make my own creature trading game just like Pokémon - only not as good, because nothing can be as good as Pokémon.

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