Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Creative Thinking

While I was drawing this strip, my Wacom tablet went on the fritz. O.o I was able to get it to work after uninstalling and reinstalling the tablet driver, but oh, my lord was I worried. I have had this tablet for 12 years (!) so it wouldn't really be a surprise to me if it died, but it would be annoying as all get out because I just started this new webcomic and everything. I have been wanting to write this comic for a few years now and finally got up the nerve to start drawing and posting strips. I was prepared to start drawing the comic by hand if I had to (I had considered doing that while I was deciding what format I wanted to use) but I really, really didn't want to. I wanted my Wacom working.

Like I said, I eventually got it to work, but I was nervous that I might kill my entire computer what with my messing around under the hood and everything. When it comes to computer repair and maintenance I am like a Viking doing heart surgery. My somewhat hack-and-slash methods don't really jive with work that requires delicacy and finesse.

Oh well. Yay for a working Wacom and another comic strip.